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Karen Roth, Nutritionist/Dietitian  in San Diego
Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, CNC
“I believe that every ill health condition can benefit and possibly improve from a solid foundation of healthy foods choices. I share my in-depth knowledge of nutrition to empower my clients to take control of their health, thereby improving the quality of their life. I specialize in helping women of all ages restore hormonal balance the natural way through adjustments in diet and healthier lifestyle choices. This is often times supported with herbal formulas that are non pharmaceutical. I am an author, speaker, blogger and former radio host who recently relocated to San Diego from Los Angeles.
(858) 952-1436
San Diego, California 92109
San Diego Massage Now, Massage Therapist  in San Diego
“I offer a unique and highly effective combination of therapies which I have found to achieve the greatest results for relaxation, pain relief and improvement in my clients. I have trained with world renowned professionals like Sammie Dawson, HHP, and Glen Caulkins, NCMT, and gleaned the most effective techniques to create my own one-of-a-kind modality of massage therapy. I myself regularly receive massage at least twice per month, and I am confident that you will have an unparalleled experience and phenomenal results when you choose San Diego Massage Now.
(619) 937-3891
San Diego, California 92110
Clifford J Wolf DPM, Podiatrist  in San Diego
“Office of Clifford J Wolf DPM My practice focuses on the evaluation and treatment of Foot, Ankle & Lower Extremity injuries, deformities and disease. My passion is getting people back to work, walking and exercising without pain and without the need for invasive surgical procedures. My background is in orthopedics, sports medicine and surgery but to accomplish this, I combine holistic and traditional medicine, nutrition and stress management. In many cases holistic and alternative treatments, including Physical Therapy and rehabilitation, diet and behavior modification for foot, ankle and leg pain, address true origins of the problems causing the pain and lead to safer more successful outcomes.
(760) 684-4156
San Diego, California 92128
Bodywork for Peace, Massage Therapist  in San Diego
“Are you seeking a better relationship with your body? Do you want to make holistic connections through bodywork? I facilitate pain relief and mind-body healing as a practical pathway to peace. I love my work! Specialties include Deep Tissue and Deep Circulatory, Sensory Repatterning, Thai, Neuromuscular, Sports, and Somatic Bodywork for stress and trauma. I am mobile through San Diego county, meaning I bring the spa to you. My office is also available. I work with all ages, including elderly, and provide pregnancy and chair massage. Please see my website: Call today to book!
(858) 529-1558
San Diego, California 92109
Jerry H Wolfe, Chiropractor  in San Diego
“Quick pain relief and return to normal ability is my main focus. Thoroughness in exam and treatment and has been my goal over the past 28 years. I help patients with pain, muscle spasm, stiffness and movement restrictions, often from injuries or accidents. Mostly musculoskeletal problems but not limited to those problems, I help headaches. I help patients discover the cause of their symtoms. I prefer to help those patients that are motivated to help themselves, a teamwork approach between the patient and myself. I have experienced many basic injuries and know first-hand the pain and healing of these injuries.
(858) 376-7919
San Diego, California 92126
Elana Gelman, Naturopath  in San Diego
“Dr. Gelman is the Founder and Medical Director of Nourish where she and her team offer a wide array of tools and programs for attaining a balanced life. Dr. Gelman has been on a quest to understand optimal health and has come to believe that when the basic building blocks of health are in balance, optimal health is achieved. But how can we find balance in our fast paced modern day world? Fascinated by this question, Dr. Gelman has committed herself to a life of research and practice.
(619) 831-8873
San Diego, California 92108
Carl M Balingit, Acupuncturist  in San Diego
“Carl M Balingit provides acupuncture for pain relief, stress, digestive disorders, headaches, reproductive health, and chronic diseases. He is licensed by the California Acupuncture Board and nationally certified in Oriental medicine. He has an M.S. in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a B.S. in Engineering.
(619) 378-4190
San Diego, California 92103
Cris del Rosario, Acupuncturist  in San Diego
“I am a progressive integrative pain management specialist with an excellent track record for client satisfaction by effectively treating low back, neck, shoulder, knee, and foot/wrist/elbow pain to enhance overall health and to promote peak performance in life and in business. I am a highly-driven clinician with a deep regard for both traditional and modern medicine. I am a compassionate and a respectful listener and communicator with a special interest in understanding your individual needs. I work best with professionals, entrepreneurs and active adults who are driven, passionate, collaborative, and health focused.
(858) 433-4324
San Diego, California 92110
SD Sports Acupuncture, Acupuncturist  in San Diego
“My ideal client is someone who is active, motivated, and eager to get back to 100%. I have an extensive background in the treatment of orthopedic disorders, sports-related injuries, and work-stress that manifests as chronic tension and postural misalignment. I spent 2 years training at a Sports Medicine Acupuncture clinic; I worked at UCSD's RIMAC center for student athletes; I've treated triathletes, Iron Man and Ultra Man competitors, Marathoners, and Olympic-level Athletes. I also have experience treating the elderly, autoimmune disorders, gynecological/women's health, and many others.
(858) 810-6375
San Diego, California 92121
“My sessions are a blend of Swedish Massage and Asian techniques using Tui-Na, Shiatsu, Acupressure, stretching and breath work creating a deeper state of relaxation to balancing the whole body. Our Tandem Massage is truly Unique! Its the ultimate in relaxation for the body, mind and spirit. Perfect for those who have high stressed jobs or demanding lifestyles, with little time to treat themselves. Imagine 2x's the bodywork in 60 or 90 minutes, you will leave feeling relaxed but energized with a clear mind you're ready for any task life delivers. Call for details and rates!!!
(949) 438-5778
San Diego, California 92110
Dr Steve Jones, San Diego Chiropractor, Chiropractor  in San Diego
“Dr. Jones is a San Diego Chiropractor who specializes in the Palmer Method. Dr. Jones has been committed to providing high quality care for the San Diego community in Mission Valley since 1993. We specialize in chiropractic care for car accident injuries, sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries. Our friendly staff is professionally trained, and available to serve you. If you call to schedule an appointment, we can often see you that very day. We offer a free initial consultation to determine if chiropractic care is suitable for your health care needs. For more information call (619) 831-8777.
(619) 831-6689
San Diego, California 92108
Bob J Johnson, Chiropractor  in San Diego
“Dr Bob Johnson is a Mira Mesa Chiropractor in practice since 1986. Located just off the 15 freeway. We treat people injured in San Diego car accidents and work injuries. We are successful in treating neck pain, back pain, headaches, sports injuries with chiropractic manipulative therapy, muscle work, physiotherapy modalities such as electrical stim. Massage therapists available by appointment
(858) 386-4252
San Diego, California 92126
Geoff Thomas, Acupuncturist  in San Diego
“Effective pain relief with acupuncture in an amazing warm & friendly spa like office! Affordable rates, great location with parking, & personal injury is our specialty. I have 18 years of experience in the healing arts. I received my Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego. In addition, I've studied and trained in China at the Chengdu University Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I received my B.A. in Cultural and Medical anthropology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.
(619) 272-6253
San Diego, California 92117
Kristine Reese, Naturopath  in San Diego
“Call Now for over $100 off of your Naturopathic "Optimal Health Plan!" B-12 shots $10 and InfraRed Sauna for $20! Join us in your pursuit of Optimal Health; you will experience a dedicated, professional and knowledgeable approach to your personal goals. At LotusRain we provide Naturopathic medical care in a positive, light-filled space. We offer a range of treatment options and encourage you to be an active partner in achieving Optimal Health. We offer IV Infusions and Meyers Cocktail IVs, B Vitamin shots, Infrared Sauna, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Quantum Biofeedback, Psychotherapy and a variety of healing arts.
(619) 438-0916
San Diego, California 92117
Amy E Chadwick, Naturopath  in San Diego
“The human body is a system, complex, intertwined and in rhythm with family, community and universe. As a system, it is managed by the endocrine system, or your hormones. Each stage of growth, development, change and adaptation is managed by the hormonal and autonomic nervous system. Understanding the critical aspects of you that allow you to adapt either effectively or ineffectively and maintain healthy or unhealthy homeodynamics is my passion. I want to hear your story, understand your physiology and provide the guidance and treatment specific to your needs to allow you to live a healthy and vibrant life.
(858) 465-7791
San Diego, California 92121
Karen Rohrbaugh, Acupuncturist  in San Diego
“Licensed Acupuncturist Karen Rohrbaugh treats patients with chronic pain and illness, anxiety/stress, PMS/menopause and many other health concerns. She is a compassionate listener and healer. In addition to using needles, Karen uses the Acutron Mentor, a microcurrent device, which has been endorsed by the NFL and the US Olympic Committee to treat pain. Karen also offers a unique type of facial rejuvenation using microcurrent and color light therapy. This treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and sagging skin-with no pain, no down time and no needles.
(619) 537-6921
San Diego, California 92109
Spence Chiropractic Center, Chiropractor  in San Diego
“We are proud to be Voted "Best Chiropractic Office in San Diego" for 6 years by CityBeat magazine. Dr. Spence, Clinic Director, was also honored 2-times with the prestigious "Doctor of The Year" award by the chiropractic association. He is Past President of the San Diego County Chiropractic District and was featured on channel 8 "News and Health Report". Spence Chiropractic Center has an emphasis on safe, gentle and effective treatment of automobile and work related injuries, as well as sports and other injuries. In addition to injury care, we treats patients and their families in wellness care programs.
(619) 663-3654
San Diego, California 92108
Suzie Husami, Acupuncturist  in San Diego
“I strive for every patient to achieve a state of continued wellness. My ideal client is someone who wants to live a full and happy life. I believe that every individual has the tools within them to achieve health and happiness - and that both are attainable now.
(206) 321-2123
San Diego, California 92103
Roeder Chiropractic Wellness Center, Inc, Chiropractor  in San Diego
“Dr. Roeder specializes in providing the best chiropractic care to patients--from infants to seniors, sports injuries, work and auto accidents, to postural changes from pregnancy. Roeder Chiropractic's highly-trained staff also includes Yoga and Pilates instructors, as well as massage therapists. By integrating chiropractic with nutritional supplementation, homeopathic treatments, or herbal treatments when necessary, patients feel better faster and suffer fewer flare-ups.
(619) 537-6984
San Diego, California 92108
Chaparral Naturopathic Medicine, Naturopath  in San Diego
“If you are looking for a fresh approach to health care, a natural alternative to taking pharmaceutical drugs, or treatment or management of acute and chronic conditions, welcome to a higher level of care. I use the best of western medicine's diagnostics and safe, effective natural therapeutics to create a personalized health plan exclusively for you. Return to your optimal health and enjoy it for the rest of your life. Live well. Be well.
(619) 537-6965
San Diego, California 92110
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