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Peter Diamond, Chiropractor  in Davie
“Dr. Diamond is the director of clinical services at The MultiCare Clinic. Dr. Diamond received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport in 2000, where he developed extensive clinical experience in treating a wide range of conditions. He also obtained knowledge in nutraceutical and nutritional support for management of complex health conditions. Dr. Diamond has extensive post graduate training from Harvard medical school in primary orthopedics and clinical primary care. He holds certifications in lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, functional endocrinology and functional blood chemistry. For evaluating and treating blood and hormonal imbalances that are often the root cause of many health conditions.
(954) 870-4081
Davie, Florida 33324
Janine Palmer-Cuevas, Massage Therapist  in Davie
“Several years back I experienced chronic muscle pain throughout my entire neck and shoulders. After tiring out from ibuprophen and heavy medications, I discovered the benefits of massage therapy and holistic healing. It changed my life so much, I became a Massage Therapist. Today, eight years in practice and experience with Chiropractors, Orthopedics, Physical Therapists and Pilate Instructors, my techniques and knowledge of the body have grown tremendously. Whether you have an injury, chronic muscle pain or simply need to unwind for relaxation, our session together will bring you relief, guaranteed!
(954) 899-0438
Davie, Florida 33328, Massage Therapist  in Davie
“I have been in practice over 15 years and I am very detailed and specific in my treatment so that my clients receive the results they are looking for. I am a master Energy worker as well and use a number of modalities to achieve the right results. I am 100% Client centered in my work and receive great testimonials. Please take a look at my site to read the testimonials my clients have left. I guarantee you will leave with a lighter energy and I am 100% focused on the issues you are looking to resolve.
(917) 791-1081
Davie, Florida 33332
Juan Ramon Groene, Massage Therapist  in Davie
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Massage Therapist, LMT, BA, Polarit, Therapi
“I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Advanced Energy Worker who believes that massage is a great medium for assisting clients in living to their full health potential. For example, a therapeutic massage relaxes, energizes, helps with muscle damage from injuries, aids in the prevention of injuries, and more. I incorporate key modalities that improves health and well being in my clients. Some examples are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, NMT, Polarity Therapy, Orthobionomy, and customized treatments according to what my clients need.
(352) 234-1809
Davie, Florida 33330
Kimberly A Marin, Acupuncturist  in Davie
“Are you suffering from an ailment that has failed to respond to traditional Western methods? Are you looking for a more Natural approach? Would you like to treat your condition without the use of dangerous prescription drugs? I can help if you suffer from back pain, arthritis, allergies, obesity, asthma, anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, tendonitis, neurological impairments or various other maladies. With acupuncture and Chinese herbs I can assist in guiding your body back into balance. You CAN feel well again!
(954) 903-0294
Davie, Florida 33330
Scott Denny, Acupuncturist  in Davie
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Acupuncturist, PhD, AP, DOM, FAAIM
“Former Head of Acupuncture, Holy Cross Hospital/FCOH. Practices located in Fort Lauderdale and University Drive in Davie! Best resource for integrative healthcare in Florida. **We offer acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, chiropractic, injection therapy, anti-aging, massage therapy and more. Never settle for one size fits all care. Come to a facility all the experts under one roof! Our staff of medical professionals treat many different health conditions using an integrated medical approach. Founded by clinicians who had a vision for a unique healing environment. Serving greater Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Cooper City, Weston, Sunrise, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Southwest Ranches and Plantation
(954) 840-8541
Davie, Florida 33324
Sandra Kahn, Acupuncturist  in Davie
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Acupuncturist, AP, DOM, RN, DiplAc
“Welcome. Do you have any health problems that concern you? Or if you could change or improve anything about your body or health, what would you like to change? Does this problem effect your ability to enjoy work, family & friends or your ability to sleep? All health problems have 3 causes: poor nutrition & toxicity, stress, and trauma to the nervous system causing blockage of blood flow to areas of the body resulting in malfunction. For example, headaches and neck or back pain as well as numbness come from blocked blood flow.
(954) 406-1098
Davie, Florida 33330
Davie Massage, Massage Therapist  in Davie
“Hello I am a female Massage Therapist Licensed and practicing 24 years.My expertise is in neck pain back pain and sciatica.I have worked with Chiropractors and at physical therapy centers.I do pre and post sports massage. If you take your massage serious,so do I!!!
(754) 802-2280
Davie, Florida 33324
Meryl Brandwein, Nutritionist/Dietitian  in Davie
“Meryl has been a leader in advancing a whole foods approach by integrating nutrition into overall health and wellness programs. Meryl creates nutrition programs to help prevent illness and restore health through personalized nutrition therapy and guidance. She received her degree from the University of Delaware. Meryl also holds advanced certifications from the Institute of Functional Medicine and from Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCAA) in a number of specialty areas. Merylís areas of expertise include hormonal imbalances, nutrition therapy for ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders, anti-aging nutrition, childhood obesity, and nutrition during and after cancer therapies.
(954) 828-2602
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Davie, Florida 33314
Donald Coles, Acupuncturist  in Davie
“Wholistic Medicine is practiced. Concerns are patiently listened to and wholistically treated. Preventive health care through Natural Medicine such as Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and adjunct therapies is provided. Smoking Cessation, Weight loss, and Sexual Health plans are available. Call to schedule an appointment. Weekend appointments available
(954) 283-7459
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33328
Reid Medical Massage, Massage Therapist  in Davie
“For the past 20 years I have been assisting clients with therapy that focuses on managing pain due to Myofascial Trigger Points. If you haven't been able to do the activities you enjoy, trigger point therapy will have you back running, cycling, golfing, etc. Where other therapies fail, I specifically target your source of pain. I specialize in workers comp claims, and athletes of all types.
(954) 378-9402
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33314
“Lori began her career graduating from the "Moscow School of Massage", Moscow Idaho, in 1998. She has continued her education taking several hundred hours of additional in depth massage courses in the area's below; *Neuromuscular Therapy *CranioSacral Therapy *Migraine Headaches *Sport injury *Repetitive Strain Injuries*Orthopedic Pain Mgmt *Advanced Muscle release *Lymphatic drainage *Neck Stiffness & Pain *TMJD reliefL*Myoskeletal Therapy *Sciatic nerve release *Fibromyalgia treatment *Low Back Pain relief *Medical Massage
(954) 903-4552
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33328
Charlene Murawski-Rowe, Massage Therapist  in Davie
“Clients have asked if I'm a physical therapist. They said my attention to detail was superior to what they experienced. Your massage is designed for you. A connective tissue massage or swed-thai massage can work out many kinks. For those who want to experience more in their body, structural integration is the way to go. It is ten one and one-half hour sessions designed to help you be more comfortable and connected in your body, Massage is a healing art and you want the person with the best paint colors and brush strokes for your canvas.
(954) 283-7666
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33329
SpaTherapy, Massage Therapist  in Davie
“Maria has a very diverse clientele which includes professional and college athletes, business professionals, housewives, students and weekend warriors, with various rehabilitative needs. Maria's unique skill set in the industry has attracted players from the NFL (National Football League) who utilize her expertise in Sports Massage Therapy, whether they are actively playing, training in the off season, or recovering from injuries.
(954) 249-9423
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33325
Yelena Pakula, Acupuncturist  in Davie
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Acupuncturist, AP, MD(RF), DOM
“I'm a DAOM (Doctor of Oriental medicine) specializing in neurology, pain management women's health, including infertility, IVF support, I have successfully treated so-called "hopeless cases" in which clients have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. **I am offer acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, injection therapy,anti-aging, massage therapy and more. My staff of medical professionals treat many different health conditions using an integrated medical approach. Founded by clinicians who had a vision for a unique healing environment. Serving greater Fort Lauderdale,Southwest Ranches, Davie, Cooper City,Hollywood, Weston, Pembroke Pines, and Plantation I am NCCAOM certified '
(954) 880-0090
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33329
Beverly Sorrells, Acupuncturist  in Davie
“I work with you to help your body heal itself naturally using natural methods and products including acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, electrostimulation, cupping, moxibustion, Tuina massage, neutraceutical and homeopathic injections, whole food supplementation, and essential oils.
(786) 574-6148
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33324
Stephen E Thomas, Chiropractor  in Davie
“We provide care for neck pain, back pain, headaches and many other conditions. Walk-ins welcome. We accept insurance. We will see you today. No long-term contracts or prepays.
(954) 357-2783
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33329
Richard C Zang, Acupuncturist  in Davie
“Best Acupuncturist 2014 Best of Weston Our City Weston Magazine. Best Acupuncturist 2013 Best of Weston Our City Weston Magazine. Best Acupuncturist 2012 Best of Weston Our City Weston Magazine Best Acupuncturist 2013 Best of Davie Davie Tower Times Magazine Best Acupuncturist 2012 Best of Davie Davie Tower Times Magazine Best Acupuncturist 2011 Best of Davie Davie Tower Times Magazine
(786) 574-2982
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Davie, Florida 33330
Vanessa Leigh McAtee, Massage Therapist  in Davie
“I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Health Coach. I am living in West Broward. I provide in-home chair and table massages. I work with a female clientele and customize each treatment to the specific needs of my clients. I have been practicing massage for many years and enjoy providing the healing and health components of massage therapy. I have a varied background of expertise and clients, from NFL combine players to working professionals.
(954) 716-8737
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33328
Johanna Nazzar, Acupuncturist  in Davie
“We are Broward Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine where we bridge eastern and western medicine. We use the ancient Chinese medicine diagnostic methods and use analysis of lab testing to formulate a treatment plan to address your health concerns. We incorporate modalities like Acupuncture, Herbs, Homeopathy, Functional Medicine, Biopuncture (Injection Therapy), Detoxification programs and Nutrition. Our physician Johanna Nazzar is known for being a very caring and compassionate. Give us a call today to get you on the road to true and optimal health.
(954) 621-1378
Office is near:
Davie, Florida 33329

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