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Medicaid Health Professionals in Shepherdsville

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Kenneth J. Hofmann, DMD, P.S.C., Dentist  in Shepherdsville
“You deserve to keep your teeth for life. Our general dental practice focuses on the health of your teeth and gums offering routine exams and cleanings plus the repair of decayed and damaged teeth. We also help improve the look of your smile with options like teeth whitening and veneers. Our family-friendly office provides several amenities to keep you entertained and relaxed during your visit.
(866) 992-7318
Office is near:
Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165
Crescent Hill Dental Care, Dentist  in Shepherdsville
“Dr. Russell and the staff at Crescent Hill Dental Care have created a unique dental office with an emphasis on the patientâ€"s comfort and needs. The practice combines a soothing environment and sophisticated technologies with a focus on customer service. This is a great office for the modern family and busy professional. We strive to do dental work that will fit into your lifestyle.
(866) 992-3381
Office is near:
Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165
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Medicaid Health Professionals
If you have health insurance coverage with Medicaid, or you're looking for Medicaid Health Professionals in Shepherdsville (or Shepherdsville Health Professionals who accept Medicaid), please contact these Health Professionals and confirm that they are either in-network with Medicaid are or can help you with your Medicaid coverage.

How to tell if Natural Health is right for me?
Shepherdsville Health Professionals have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of symptoms.

Complementary and alternative health, natural health or holistic health is a non-medical path to well-being. It sees the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and balanced. Advocates typically use a wide variety of alternative practices, the most common of which include: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Osteopathy, and Physical Therapy.